Uptown Meets Downtown

My daily NYC routine: wake-up, get dressed, catch the subway, hit Soho for breakfast. Momentarily living THE LIFE!

I was really looking forward to fall weather in the city, sort of like the kind in "You've Got Mail" but no luck. The weekend was way into the 80's and I of course packed for Lattes and chilly walks around Central Park. Thankfully, NYC has some of the BEST thrift stores EVER and I was able to get a few great pieces for this heat spike. One of them being this Jason Wu dress. It was really thin, easy breezy, and comfortable! Perfect for the heat and even more perfect to pair with my brand new ankle boots, which to my surprise, every trendy girl in Nolita rocked as well. 

I decided to button the dress to the top to give it a '60s baby-doll like appearance. I was originally going to thrown on a leather jacket and a headband to finish off the look but I felt like that was way too Blair Waldorf than Bridgett Bardot. In the end, I kept the look minimal with a sleek mid part pony-tail and my everyday shades.

    I even made a new friend! And people say that New Yorkers aren't friendly lol


I even made a new friend! And people say that New Yorkers aren't friendly lol

Ball on a budget is my moto! You don't have to drop a million to look like it! I see thrifting as treasure hunting and this dress was a hidden gem. People shun thrifting and vintage shopping because its "used" merchandise or its "unhygienic". Thrifting is no where near as gross as using a public restroom or getting into a hot tub with friends. Not everything you'll come across is used either. Some of my other purchases still had the original price tags from the previous store.

Reconsider and try it one day! You'll never know what you may find, and that's the beauty of it!! And if the thought of walking into a thrift shop is too intimidating, shop online! Ebay hunny! Also consider Etsy, Ioffer, Nasty Gal, Poshmark...

Hope this look inspires you on your first or next trip to a thrift shop! Good luck & let me know how it goes and what types of treasures you came across! And if you're a budgetista from the Atlanta area, let me know some of your favorite thrift stores please and thank you!

    Thrifted Jason Wu dress similar ( here ) & ( here )  H&M booties ( here ) similar ( here )  Chanel wallet purse (gifted from  here )  Ray-Ban classic aviators ( here )


Thrifted Jason Wu dress similar (here) & (here)

H&M booties (here) similar (here)

Chanel wallet purse (gifted from here)

Ray-Ban classic aviators (here)