The Trench Coat

Hope everyone had a fun weekend! On this particular day I got to catch up with a friend and do some light shopping together! I was on the hunt for cardigans, beanies, a few coats, you know, just a couple of things to get me through the colder days ahead. I was very excited to finally have the opportunity to wear my new beautiful classic khaki trench coat! Ahh I'm in luvvvv! If you do not already own one, you must! A trench coat is timeless and effortlessly chic! You could be wearing pj's underneath and you still would exude sophistication! I paired mine casually with my signature striped shirt and boyfriend jeans combo. The trench coat is so versatile though that I can easily take it to evening by just wearing it on its own, buttoned-up as a dress with a pair of heels, maybe some red lipstick, and done. I am ready for a night in the city! Tres chic!

I tied a vintage silk scarf around my neck (aka neckerchief) to add a bit more polish to the look. I've been watching a lot of old Hollywood films and the neckerchief was such a classic essential to phenoms like Audrey Hepburn and Bridgette Bardot. It's inspiring to look back at the eras of glamour and pull some style tips from them. After all, fashion does repeat itself!

Oh and you're probably wondering why there's a straw in my coffee?! I am insanely obsessed with maintaining my teeth white! It's a hygiene thing. 

PLAY by Comme des Garcons has become one of my favorite go-to brands with it's quirky take on classic pieces! It was time for me to get a new pair of Converse since my white high-tops are pretty much done. I've had my eye on these babies for a while and finally found the perfect excuse to splurge a little on myself!  

    H&M trench coat similar ( here ) & ( here )  F21 striped top similar ( here ) & ( here )  GAP boyfriend jeans similar ( here ) & ( here )  PLAY by Comme des Garcons Converse ( here )  Goyard large tote  Vintage silk scarf


H&M trench coat similar (here) & (here)

F21 striped top similar (here) & (here)

GAP boyfriend jeans similar (here) & (here)

PLAY by Comme des Garcons Converse (here)

Goyard large tote

Vintage silk scarf

One last thing...

I know that I talk a lot about "classic pieces" and it might sound a little repetitive, but I think it's very important to build a versatile wardrobe that does not go out of style every six months! The problem as to why so many women like myself cannot find a single thing to wear in their stuffed closets is because it's loaded with expired trends and not enough classics. Trends are fun and I'm not completely banning them, but do not just fill your closet with them; it's a waste of money when you think about the longevity of each item. It comes down to a basic math equation: divide the cost of an item by the amount of times you expect to wear it and that equals your cost-per-wear number (CPW). Think about it, if you buy a sparkly dress for NYE and spend $45 for that one night versus $100 on a classic LBD (little black dress) that you'll get to wear all year round (let's guess 5 times at least.) Do the math and you'll find that the CPW of the trendy piece is still ridiculously $45 versus a modest $20 for the LBD. Classics save you money and build a foundation for your wardrobe that can easily be spruced up by a trendy piece in seldom. If you still find yourself gravitating towards a trend, save your money and stick to stores like Forever 21 where quality isn't key so therefore the prices are cheaper! It doesn't have to be real leather or cashmere when you're only going to wear it once anyways.

Hope this helps next time you're debating on a future purchase or just shopping on a budget! Xoxo


Photos by Taylor Cooper