Blue Hue

While skimming through J. Crew's recent F/W catalog, I was thrown off by the rainbow of pastel colors they centered their collection around. Pastels for Fall? That's so Spring though!? But the more I turned the pages, the more convincing the outfits were and I found myself salivating from all the gorgeous cashmere and prints in hues of baby pinks, purples, yellows, blues... I was so inspired! (J. Crew does that to you lol) I loved how everything was styled in a way that didn't make you think of Easter eggs. Combining pastels with neutral must-have pieces such as boyfriend blazers, puffer vests, turtlenecks, ankle boots, etc., made it very appropriate for this season. Thus, I dug through my closet and voila, my version of pastels for Fall was created!

Fashion goes beyond the rules and limitations we restrict ourselves to. I mean really, who says I can't wear pastels in the fall, wear white after labor day, and mix brown and black together? As I explore my options and play with different looks, I realize that I can't allow myself to let guidelines and fashion how-to's dictate what I should wear. How will I ever grow if I don't make mistakes and risk looking a little silly sometimes? Not every outfit is going to be amazing but each one I wear/post is a step towards developing my own style. 

I guess what I'm trying to say here is the next time we get a little apprehensive and hesitant about trying something new out or out of our comfort zones, just go for it! As long as you own it and look confident, go ahead, BREAK THE RULES! Just keep it classy!

I wrote in a previous post how this season it's all about elevating sweatpants to a more chic ensemble for a night out or even a semi-casual event. I paired these woven sweats with my favorite pair of strappy sandals, but I also would have worn my metallic oxfords, from this post (here) , for a more casual vibe.


Touches of gold are always a must in my outfits whether its from midi rings scattered throughout my fingers or this simple medallion resembling a little like an upwards Pacman, right? lol

I love how beautifully the camel colored scarf complimented the pastel blue blazer; a match made in heaven! The heather grey sweater was understated in this look, but nonetheless tied everything together effortlessly. 

I'll definitely continue to incorporate a variety of pastels in my looks throughout this season! Stay tuned for more looks! Xo 

    F21 boyfriend blazer similar ( here ) & ( here )  H&M scarf ( here )  F21 turtleneck ( here ) similar ( here )  F21 woven sweatpants similar ( here ) & ( here )  Steve Madden sandals similar ( here ) & ( here )


F21 boyfriend blazer similar (here) & (here)

H&M scarf (here)

F21 turtleneck (here) similar (here)

F21 woven sweatpants similar (here) & (here)

Steve Madden sandals similar (here) & (here)