What's in My Bag

Do you ever get curious of what secrets hide inside some of the most beautiful handbags and purses being carried right before your wandering eyes? I am so guilty of this! I find it so interesting when bloggers/vloggers expose the infinite amount of stuff they carry in their purse at all times and what daily essentials they cannot live without! 

Handbags themselves are everyday necessities and we can all agree that the bag we carry is just as important as the items in it. Let’s face it, you're either the type of person who carries just the essentials, or someone who carries almost everything! Depending on the occasion or the time of day, the type of handbag/purse you choose will vary and so will its contents. Rue La La has come up with a convenient article about the different types of handbags and their distinctive features (check it out here). A great outfit calls for the perfect bag whether it being the clutch, the tote, the baguette, the hobo, the satchel, etc.

Personally, the two I reach for the most is my utilitarian tote and a fun clutch! Care to find out why these bags are my favorite and what survival items I carry in them at all times? Keep reading!

A tote is a must-have for me because they are full of space, easy to reach into, convenient for me to take from school to work to coffee dates, and never go out of style! I recommend going towards a classic design and also one built to last. Investing in a high quality tote will save you money in the future because you won't have to continue to replace it when it's tearing at the seams. You don't have to splurge on a Goyard, but do invest in brands like Madewell and Clare Vivier where the leather goods are just as gorgeous and durable but without breaking the bank!

On an everyday basis, I haul around my Goyard tote and these necessities to get me through the day (clockwise):

  1. My Chanel compact and oil blotting sheets to help control shine
  2. A cute journal & pens to jot down any ideas or inspiration I might get for future projects or OOTD's 
  3. Fancy hand lotion is a must due to my psoriasis. I also rub some on my neck when I forget to use perfume; this trick totally comes in handy on date nights!
  4. My holy grail of sunglasses, Ray-Ban aviators, and an extra pair for photos
  5. Altoids mints because bad breath is just too risky!
  6. Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer; I go through one of these a week!
  7. My iPhone because it literally contains me life!
  8. My matching Goyard wallet full of boring junk like my ID and insurance card. Oh, and money or lack there of (LOL)
  9. I always carry lots of lipsticks and lip balms because I forget to take them out. They kinda just accumulate over the week with every different color I decide to use. But I have to have a matte red with me at all times! It's a must when you need to instantly glam up! (Pictured above is MAC Candy Yum Yum, Russian Red, & Myth) 
  10. My iPad mini for when I have down time at school or when I need to check emails. I'm also guilty of using it when my phone dies to use iMessage or check Instragram. The addiction is real! Also, I use it to read e-books; I am an English major after all!
  11. Lastly, some extra reading content just because. I am probably the last person on Earth that still buys magazines; they're works of art!

My other favorite bag is a clutch. They are chic and fun! They come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics, textures, etc. They can easily add personality when the rest of your outfit is monotone. I don't recommend splurging on clutches because they can be trendy and can go out of style easily. I definitely recommend a classic metallic piece or an all black leather pouch, they're both versatile and can be easily taken  from day to night.

When I carry a clutch, it's because I am in a no fuss mood and I just want to carry the most essential items I will need! Some key items here aren't new from the previous list, but I will list them again anyways (clockwise):

  1. A rollerball perfume in my favorite scent ever! (Marc Jacobs Honey) I love purchasing these because they're specifically made for grab-and-go situations.
  2. My compact to touch up my makeup throughout the evening and make sure my teeth are clear after dinner.
  3. I need my phone of course for communication purposes and to take lots of pictures! If it wasn't posted on social media, did it really ever happen?! (note my sarcasm)
  4. Lint roller to keep my outfit sharp and flawless. I usually only pack this for more formal events when looking neat is a must! But I also really hate getting lint on my leggings!
  5. No fuss means I just need my ID and credit card. Sometimes I'll pack my student ID too because who doesn't love getting an extra 15% off?!
  6. I'll pack whatever lipstick I am wearing that evening. Also, I might pack a small container of concealer to fix any uneven lines and color bleeding from the lipstick.
  7.  Mints to prevent garlic breath!
  8. Lastly, a few dainty rings to add the finishing touch to any outfit or just in case the selfie of me holding my post-dinner latte needs a bit more style (LOL)

I'm looking forward to doing more of these fun posts in the future! Let me know what kind of content you would like me to bring to the blog such as any DIY's, beauty product must-haves, recipes, closet tours, etc.

Be sure to check out Rue La La and sign up for their free membership to score amazing deals and also for more handy Style Guides! Xo