Southern Comfort

My bestfriend and I decided to take a spontaneous day trip to Savannah! I haven't had a free Sunday in forever and I definitely wanted to seize the day! It's great to get away and get lost for a few hours. What better way to spend my day off than driving with the windows down, hair blowing, Miley Cyrus' new album blasting, and laughing all the way down to River Street. I'm so blessed to have a friend who is always up for last minute trips and adventures. My best memories are always unexpected moments!


It took us forever to find parking! We didn't really expect such a crowd. As soon as we parked we headed straight to River Street to get drinks and walk the shops. The smell of fresh fudge and toffee covered the street and my mouth was literally watering as we walked into my favorite candy shop, Savannah's Candy Kitchen. Walls and walls of any sugary substance you could dream of; the closest thing to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!

We sat by the water and watched the kids throw pennies for wishes. We also couldn't resist gushing over every single doggie that passed us. Savannah is shockingly so dog friendly and it made us wish we would've brought our Labs with us. But then we realized how chaotic they would've been together and we quickly changed the subject (lol).

We walked the suburban streets and enjoyed the scenery. Everything was covered in rich green Spanish Moss! The flowers were blooming and for once it actually felt like spring had sprung.

I bought these pants during my trip at the beach a couple of weeks ago. I love the instant pop of turquoise mixed with all of the bright colors; totally reminded me of the art deco in Miami! The satin material made them so light and breezy. I bought the crochet top the exact same day it came in at work! I'm so obsessed with fresh white lace anything for spring. I love mixing it with leather shorts or track pants for an extra edge. Sandals were just a given (I've tried wedges here before but the cobble stone pathways were way too brutal!)

The look was perfect for a day full of walking and leisure; comfty and stylish at the same time! I definitely stood out in a sea of tourists! Xo

 Lush top, Forever21 deco pants, Urban Outfitters sunglasses, Rue21 sandals

Lush top, Forever21 deco pants, Urban Outfitters sunglasses, Rue21 sandals