Wild Berry Lavender

Welcome to Hotlanta! The weather on this particular day was almost too hot to handle! But when you work practically everyday, rain or excessive shine, you want to take advantage of every second of your day off. Which is exactly what we did!`This is how we do, do, do, do do, do... (cue the Katy Perry song)

My friend Kristina and I spent the day scouting locations for future shoots. I really like incorporating reviews or info about current hotspots around Atlanta. I have been getting great feedback and questions about some of my favorite spots for coffee, fresh macaroons, Sushi, etc. and I've decided to make it a weekly thing to talk about it. Let me know if there is a spot that you want me to check out or any questions you have about the city. I may not be the ultimate Atlantian but I will definitely do my best to give you the most insight possible!

Jeni's is the cutest spot for a quick ice-cream stop! They pride themselves on using local and organic ingredients and even incorporating lavender and other uncommon flavors into their recipes. I completely forgot about frozen yogurt this summer, that's how amazing this place is! I try to taste their new flavors every chance I get. I actually came to try their new "Sweet Cream Biscuits & Peach Jam" but it was sold out!! Total Bummer! But instead I tried their "Wild Berry Lavender" and an extra scoop of "Lemon & Blueberries" and it definitely didn't disappoint! They also have macaroon ice-cream sandwiches that I have yet to try (shocker right) but I'm very tempted! 

    Zara TRF Dress (sold out) replica ( here )  Wild Diva Sandals ( here )  Urban Outfitters bangle ( here ) // sunglasses ( here )


Zara TRF Dress (sold out) replica (here)

Wild Diva Sandals (here)

Urban Outfitters bangle (here) // sunglasses (here)

P.S. Just want to thank everyone for all of the love and support and taking time out of your day to read my blog! Thank you for reading every post since day one, or for my new readers since the first time you stumbled upon my page, and being apart of this indefinite journey to following my dreams. I have so much fun working on GSC and it just makes it all worth more when I read your emails and positive notes! I love you too!


Photos by Kristina Alexis