Stripes & Denim

Usually when I think of pairing a crop top and a pencil skirt I automatically think of Kim Kardashian's sexy, perfectly tailored monochrome outfits. Even though that aesthetic is super trendy right now, personally though, that's not really my style so I'll just leave that to her and everyone else who likes it to continue to rock. I still really liked the concept of pairing a crop top and a pencil skirt together so instead I took a more casual and colorful approach by taking two classic staples, stripes and denim, and twisting them into a look that was just fun and cute to wear around town. 

Can't get enough of the 70's trend? Neither can I! Obsessed if you haven't noticed! This time though, instead of continuing with the boho chic side of the 70's, I went for its classic casual side. Think vintage Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger! The denim skirt is having a huge comeback right now especially ones with the button down detail; so 70's! The crop top definitely reminded me of vintage Lacoste and I liked the sweater material which gave the overall look some added texture. It also hits at a very flattering part of my waist.

I'm really particular about the crop tops I pick out because they can easily look cheap and unflattering. Make sure you pick one that hits right at your waist and is made out of a well made material. Try to pair it with something high-waisted as well that only leaves about 1-2 inches of skin exposure; showing off your entire midriff area should really be left for the beach and music festivals. Keep these tips in mind when shopping around for a crop top, otherwise, you're risking the chance of underboob exposure or any kind of overexposure that is just not cute or appealing at all. Golden rule: less is more!

Obsessed with these particular flat-form wedges! They're so comfortable and the added height is very flattering and elongating for my legs. I like the studded detailing and the chunky gold buckle; a modern take on the vintage-like flatform. Also, they subtly wrapped up the outfit's understated 70's inspo.


I've been lightening my hair more and more recently and I'm really digging it for the summer! I've gotten so many compliments on it so I might potentially go fully blonde soon. Maybe? Maybe not? Let me know what you think. But for now, [ombre] blonde hair, don't care! Xo

     Forever 21 sweater crop top  (comes in navy too!)  (  here  )   Forever 21 denim skirt  (  here  )   Forever 21 flatform wedge  similar (  here  ) and (  here  )


Forever 21 sweater crop top (comes in navy too!)  (here)

Forever 21 denim skirt (here)

Forever 21 flatform wedge similar (here) and (here)