Stan Smith

Lately I've been leaning towards pieces and looks that are more about clean lines and simplicity but still maintaining that sartorial edge that I love. This outfit is the perfect example! For a casual Saturday running errands around town, I took a simple green linen dress and paired it with my new favorite Adidas Stan Smith sneakers for an effortless sporty touch. Did I initially think about pairing this dress with a pair of cute strappy sandals or wedges? It definitely crossed my mind. But instead I wanted to switch things up and I think by adding an unexpected pair of uber trendy kicks, it definitely elevated the dress while also keeping the overall look casual and cool.

So lesson of the day is... don't always go for the predictable mundane shoe or top or bottom; switch it up! Don't be afraid to combine girly or preppy dresses with sporty/edgy sneakers! Switch out your black blazer for a sequin jacket! Swap denim for leather! It doesn't even have to be that outrageous! It's as easy as trading in your go-to black sandals for a pair of pointed toe pony-hair leopard print flats. It's just about adding a bit more interest and flair to the overall look and bringing forth your personal style.

After all, fashion is about taking some risks from time to time! Xo

    Forever 21 shirt-dress (   here   )  H&M denim jacket (   here   )  Adidas Stan Smith sneakers (   here   )  Ray-Ban Aviators (   here   )  Vintage Gucci


Forever 21 shirt-dress (here)

H&M denim jacket (here)

Adidas Stan Smith sneakers (here)

Ray-Ban Aviators (here)

Vintage Gucci