Get To Know ME Q&A

Hi loves! For this post I wanted to stray away from fashion and style and allow you to get a closer idea of who I am. I think it's easy to post just the fun, cute, and glamorous side of my life but I also want to make it clear that my life isn't just about shoes and purses. Fashion is such a passion of mine and this blog has become just a fun way to post what I love and grow creatively while also inspiring others. Whether your passion is or isn't fashion as well, I hope my blog has served as a positive outlet for you all and most of all a place to come to to see pretty things and smile and remember to pursue what you love, no matter what that may be! 

That being said, I stumbled upon this survey and I wanted to fill it out and post it for my readers considering that most of these questions I do get asked frequently. So read away and I hope this allows you to connect with me a little more. Love you guys so much!! Xo

1. What is your middle name?
I don’t have one.

2. When is your birthday?
September 22.

3. What is your zodiac sign?

4. What is your favorite color?
Plum, Turquoise, Gold, and Red.

5. What’s your lucky number?

6. Do you have any pets?
Yes, I adopted a sassy feline named Jade and a sweet black lab mix named Pepper.

7. Where are you from?
Born and raised in Los Angeles, now living in Georgia.

8. How tall are you?

9. What shoe size are you?

10. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
I haven’t really counted but I probably own more shoes than articles of clothing. I have an unhealthy shoe obsession, but I only really wear like 5 of them.

11. What talents do you have?
I can make anyone laugh at any given time. I'm just a silly person.

12. Are you psychic in any way?
I wouldn’t say psychic but I have a really good intuition about things.

13. Favorite song?
Don’t have a favorite but I love singing along to Biggie and TLC.

14. Favorite movie?
It’s a pretty intense tie between Breakfast at Tiffany’s or The Breakfast Club. Actually, pretty much all John Hughes’ classics or 80’s cult movies.

15. Do you want children?
At the moment I do not see children in my future but I guess you never know.

16. Do you want a church wedding?
I don’t hear wedding bells anytime soon either.

17. Are you a hopeless romantic?
Very much! I love love!

18. Have you ever been to the hospital?
Yes. Fractured my arm in the 4th grade.

19. Baths or showers?
Hot showers.

20. What are some of your favorite stores to shop at?
I shop online mostly. My favorite go to sites are Madewell, Forever 21, Mango, Zara, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Reformation, Nordstrom, Topshop, Aritzia... I also love thrifting and vintage so I live on eBay and I try to hit up Goodwill often. T.J. Maxx and Target are the shit too!

21. Who do you go to for fashion inspiration?
Celebrity wise it's Kate Bosworth, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, Sienna Miller, Sarah Jessica Parker, Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Alexa Chung, etc. Fashion bloggers and social media types would be Sincerely Jules, The August Diaries, Alyssa in the City, Song of Style, The Manrepeller. I also adore and respect Yves Saint Laurent, Grace Coddington, Audrey Hepburn, Karl Lagerfeld, Emmanuelle Alt, Carine Roitfeld, Coco Chanel, Kate Moss, and Caroline de Maigret.

22. Favorite Designer?
YSL. Hands down.

23. What type of music do you like?
Pretty much everything. Not really a Country fan. Love me some 90’s classic hip-hip though!

24. How many pillows do you sleep with?
My bed is covered in decorative pillows but I only need a large fluffy one to survive.

25. What position do you usually sleep in?
On my left side. Fetal position mostly.

26. What do you typically have for breakfast?
Special K cereal with sliced bananas… or fried eggs (sunny side up) with a side of my mom’s famous refried beans all covered in Tapatio hot sauce!! (I’m Mexican remember!)

27. Have you ever fired a gun?
Yes and it was the most terrifying shit ever.

28. Favorite swear word?
Shit. (Sorry mom!)

29. Do you have any tattoos?
Yes. Two. Both in Arabic Scripture. Itching for a third one soon.

30. Are you a good liar?
Too good! But I do think it’s important to be an overall honest person.

31. Are you a good judge of character?
I think so, but I like to give people the benefit of doubt.

32. Can you do any other accents other than your own?
Here’s another talent I forgot to mention! I am really good at doing impersonations.

33. What is your favorite accent?
British. Italian. Spanish. French. Australian.

34. What is your most expensive piece of clothing?
My vintage Chanel purse.

35. Can you curl your tongue?
Yes and I just did.

36. Are you an innie or an outie?

37. Left or right handed?

38. Are you scared of spiders?
Not really. I’m more grossed out about roaches and mosquitoes.

39. Favorite food?
Tacos! Such a sucker for most street foods actually.

40. Favorite foreign food?
I love all Hispanic and Asian food.

41. Are you a clean or messy person?
Clean, yes. But can be very disorganized at times.

42. How long does it take for you to get ready?
Depends, but usually 30 mins to an hour. Dry shampoo is bae!

43. Do you have much of an ego?
I do, like all, but I try to remain a humble person.

44. Do you talk to yourself?
Not out loud…

45. Do you sing to yourself?
Oh yeah! Especially during long car rides or when I’m getting ready.

46. Are you a good singer?
Horrible! Oh well. Can’t win’em all right?

47. Biggest fear?
Heights. But I don’t mind flying. Weird.

48. Best dramatic movie you’ve seen?
Silver Linings Playbook and Unbroken

49. Do you like long or short hair?
Had really long hair for most of my life and then chopped it off into a lob when I hit my twenties. Pretty content with the mid-length I have going on.

50. Favorite school subject?

51. Extrovert or Introvert?
It’s complicated. I would say an extroverted introvert.

52. Have you ever been scuba diving?

53. What makes you nervous?
I suffer from anxiety so basically everything. It’s gotten better lately.

54. Are you scared of the dark?
Yes! I sleep with a lamp on every night. I just don’t like sleeping alone. Period.

55. Do you correct people when they make mistakes?
No. I rather just fix it myself. I don’t like calling people out or any kind of confrontation in general. I should probably work on that though.

56. Are you ticklish?
Yes and I hate it. Don’t tickle me. I will scream.

57. Who was your first real crush?
Haha, throwback to kindergarten! His name was Kurt. I think every girl in my school had a thing for him.

58. How many piercings do you have?
5 piercings total in my ears. Had my belly button pierced once but it closed. Really want my septum pierced now. Maybe soon.

59. How fast can you run?
Ehhh, I’m okay. I could be better.

60. What color is your hair?
Brunette/blonde ombre.

61. What color are your eyes?

62. Do you keep a journal?
My blog counts right?! I recently rediscovered an old journal from middle school though. The things I used to stress about and focus on, so embarrassing!

63. What makes you angry?
Ignorance and opportunists.

64. Do you want a boy or a girl for a child?
If it ever does happen for me, I would say two boys and a girl.

65. What are you strengths?
Strong sense of self, morality, loyalty, ambition, passion, and wit.

66. What are your weaknesses?
Impatience and being easily distracted.

67. Do you have any scars?
All over my knees! Most of them I don’t even remember how they appeared; probably from being a hyperactive tomboy throughout my childhood.

68. What are your career goals?

I want to work in the fashion industry and possibly write for a publication either freelance or as a fulltime editor. I want to also have multiple projects going on like opening my own boutique or maybe a shoe line. I also want to continue blogging and see what opportunities it leads me to. I always want to be in a creative setting and test myself constantly.

69. Where do you see yourself in the future?

I plan on graduating college very soon. Shortly after, I plan on moving back to Los Angeles or maybe even NYC to pursue my dreams. I plan to travel all over the world and scratch everything off of my bucket list, if possible. (Yes, I have one of those.) Maybe fall in love? I just hope that I never stop reaching for more and that I am always striving for a greater and better quality of life.

70. What are your dreams?

To become a fashion authority. To live in Paris at one point in my life. To own my very own boutique in a major city. To travel the world. To have a conversation with Grace Coddington over our love of clothes and cats. To one day own my very own Carrie Bradshaw inspired walk-in closet. To attend Fashion week in every country that it partakes in. To make my parents and family proud. To always have the means and energy to chase after my dreams. Honestly, I just want to be happy. Simple enough.