Little Nude Dress

Hello hello hello! Hi loves!

Ohhh it feels sooo good to be back at it again on GSC!! I've missed blogging and I missed having a space where I could express myself and connect with you all. Although I've been keeping you sort of in the loop through Instagram, I know it just wasn't the same. I'm back and this time, I'm not going anywhere! Pinky promise!

Quick update: I made a New Year's resolution this year that I would say "YES!" to as many fun opportunities as possible. I wanted to let go of my controlling and perfectionist ways and just surrender to life a little and just take on whatever it would throw at me. That being said, it really has been quite a year! I've had so much fun hopping on planes, meeting new people, going out, dating, attending concerts, developing a new healthy lifestyle, cultivating my personal style, and it goes on and on. 

I'm finishing up school while also juggling an internship and a part-time. I've been traveling a lot, mainly back home to Los Angeles and it has really helped me figure out what I want to do after college and how I want to go about it. Big cities have a way of humbling you while also allowing you to find your niche and discover what really makes your heart flutter. For me it's fashion, hands down. It's the styling, the business savvy side of it, it's effortless combination with technology, and the way your style can speak for who you are even when you're not so sure. It's an industry full of endless opportunities and I'm excited to work hard and make my dreams come to fruition.

All of these elements have helped me discover myself and now I can reflect that growth in the relaunch of this blog. After all, this blog was once a dream that I made come alive and it only feels right that I continue to develop and extend the brand into so much more!

That being said, I'm working on a new addition to GSC, Shop Gold Style Copper! I've always wanted to own a little boutique curated to my liking and it's definitely now in the works! I'll keep you guys updated when it gets closer to launching.

Loved catching up with all of you! Thank you again for your support and loyalty! Xoxox