Hi loves!

Gosh, I've been so busy lately... but I will admit that being busy doesn't always translate into being productive. Because this is my final semester in college, I am constantly struggling between being studious and disciplined while also trying to live it up and have as much fun as I can! It's like high-school senoritis all over again! Nonetheless, I want all of you to know that I am constantly thinking about my blog and I know I should be giving my readers the great consistent content that they deserve! Even though I have slacked a little these past couple of weeks, just know that I am NEVER going to stop posting, ever! Like all hobbies, one minute you're super obsessed and feeling all kinds of inspiration and pumping content out left and right... and then that kinda fades and you redirect your focus on something else temporarily until you find inspiration again and jump back into it like you never stopped. Some weird form of A.D.D. that I am aware of and definitely working on... haha

Any who, enough of me justifying my bad habits... let's chat about what you really came here for, this look! The perfect embroidered top with the perfect amount of cleavage with the perfectly delicate peak-a-boo bralette. Those perfect Zara velvet booties in the perfect shade of dusty pink. And those perfect vintage Levis that have been on rotation for months! Oh, this look is truly my idea of perfection! 

Individually, each piece is super trendy and it's kinda risky throwing them all together into one look because it could have easily looked too cultivated and you know me, I am all about effortless vibes. So the key to this outfit being a success was to keep accessories to a bare minimum, which in this case, the vintage western belt was plenty. (My signature Celine sunnies were a given!) Also, I unbuttoned a couple more buttons to give an even more relaxed vibe. I could have also rolled up the sleeves or thrown my hair into a messy bun... just a couple easy tricks on how to make any look from potentially looking too put together to not thinking twice about it.

Oh, before I go, Happy Valentine's Day lovers & friends! All my single ladies, please don't waste an entire 24 hours being bitter about your solitary state. OWN IT! Because regardless of your status, the most important relationship you will ever be in is with yourself! Just know that you are soooo loved! Xoxox